ISO 22222 Certification

ISO 22222 is a professional framework particularly designed for financial planners to permit them to demonstrate constant development through third-party certification. ISO 22222 is not just about knowledge; it is so much more than that.

ISO 22222 is a globally agreed benchmark that assesses and awards financial planners who can demonstrate that they have the knowledge, skills, experience and ethical values to deliver a first class service to their clients. By achieving the ISO standard it permit financial planners to demonstrate a commitment of adherence to a globally recognized benchmark, which has been founded on ethical behavior and professionalism.

ISO 22222:2005 has been drawn up with the objective of achieving and promoting consumer confidence by given that an globally agreed benchmark for a high global standard of personal finance service.

Benefits of ISO 22222

  • It demonstrates a commitment of adherence to a high level of professionalism
  • It provides planners an exemption to the Chartered Insurance Institutes (CII) AF5 – Financial Planning Process Module
  • It progress performance by improving communication and morale company-wide
  • Inclusion onto the Which? Consumer referral database
  • By showing the sign of an international standard it communicates credibility and confidence to your prospective and existing customers, suppliers, stakeholders and employees
  • It decrease risk, thus providing a potential reduction in insurance expenses
  • It promotes opportunities to become a ‘preferred supplier’, giving you the edge over your competitors, thus improving sales and advertising opportunities
  • It promotes awareness of quality and professionalism, internally and externally resulting in better public/professional awareness and image
  • It encourages the use of easy and efficient documentation
  • Supports to exceed present regulatory needs, thus satisfying the governing bodies
  • It promotes a best practice standard of service