CE Marking Certification Services

When it comes to the marketing of products in European Markets, there are any different directives that need to be followed. It is not an easy to task to market the products in the European Economic Area. The directives need to be fulfilled by the products that are to be marketed in the European Countries. The CE marking is one of the most recognized directives that is used for allowing the products to be marketed in the European countries. The manufacturers f different products need to affix the CE marking logo on the products to declare that the products they manufacture are safe for use by the consumers. The CE marking certification is used by the European Union to govern the marketing of the products in the European markets. Basically the CE marking certificate is intended to make the trade between the countries and easy and simple. CE Marking Certification Requirements, CE Marking Directives, CE Marking Medical Devices Certification Body in India.

The CE is an abbreviation that is used for Conformities Europeans which implies that the products that have the CE marking are in compliance with the European directives that are used for governing the safety and quality of the products. When a company is granted the CE marking accreditation, it declares that the products manufactured by them completely safe for use and are in compliance with directives of CE. The products that have passed the CE marking certification process nee to place a logo of CE marking on the product along with the ISO standard and a four digit number that signifies the certifying that has granted the certification to the manufacturer. There are plenty of manufacturers that do not recognize the importance of the certification and hence their business suffers a lot as the products without the CE marking cannot be sold in the European market. Additionally, the CE marking is also considered to be a standard quality marker in other parts of the world as well.

Here are some of the products that must fulfill the CE marking certification requirements :

  • Medical devices (excluding surgical instruments)
  • Appliances that use gaseous fuels
  • Cableway products, designed to carry persons
  • Construction Instruments
  • Energy-related devices with Eco design
  • Electromagnetic goods
  • Tools and systems used in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Explosives to be used for civil purposes
  • Hot-water boilers
  • Elevators
  • Low voltage Equipment
  • Metrology Devices
  • Non-automatic weighing Devices
  • Protective equipment
  • Pressure gauging instruments
  • Pyrotechnics Products
  • Radio and telecommunications Devices
  • Safety of toys
  • Pressure vessels

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