The GS mark is a voluntary quality mark Certification System

GS mark is one of the most recognized marks for the safety assurance of the products in the German markets as well as other EU countries. German consumers never compromise with safety and they will pay anything to get a safer product. If the product is certified for higher safety from a reliable certification source then they will even pay higher cost for that product. With GS mark certification, the manufacturers can ensure that their products will be easily marketed in the German as well as it makes the manufacturers confident about the safety and quality of the products. The GS mark certificate signifies that the product has been thoroughly tested for its safety by a third party certification agency.

Any product having the GS mark accreditation indicates that the product was toughly tested for its quality and safety and fulfills all the GS mark certification requirements. The full form of GS is “Geprüfte Sicherheit” in German which means Safety Tested. This mark is a license mark of the German government and only an accredited product safety testing and certification agency can issue that mark to a product or a company.

Here are some of the benefits of passing the GS mark Certification process:

  • The product is recognized for its safety and quality in all over the Germany and other European Countries.
  • Gives the manufactures an added marketing advantage that helps in increasing the customer base.
  • The product liability risk of the manufacturers is minimized.
  • Gives the confidence to the product manufacturers about the safety and high quality of the product along with its legal compliance.
  • Signifies your company’s commitment to safety and quality.
  • Gives assurance to the end users about the fact that the product has been thoroughly tested by third party agencies and is safe for them to use.
  • Since the GS mark is verified by third party certification agencies, it so more regarded as compared to the CE marking on the products.

The products that must have an GS mark certificate include Air-Cleaners, CD players, Home A/V Equipment, Coffee Mills & Grinders, Commercial Deep Fryers, Household Appliances, Lab/Measurement Equipment, Luminaries, Office/IT Equipment, Power Tools, Pumps for Liquids, Range Hoods, Sports Equipment, Office Furniture and toys.

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