ISO 15378:2015 Certification

ISO 15378:2015 specifies necessities for a quality management system where an organization requirements to demonstrate its capacity to supply primary packaging materials for medicinal products, which constantly meet client necessities, including regulatory necessities and International Standards applicable to primary packaging materials.

Now for the big question all ISO 15378 users have: What are the changes in the ISO 15378:2015 Edition? Here’s the guidance given by the committee:

  • This new edition includes necessities for risk management.
  • There is an extensive revision regarding verification, qualification and validation necessities for primary packaging materials.
  • The necessities for infrastructure, work environment, preservation and cleaning activities have been revised. Also the needs for customer communication control of production and service provision and batch release have been customized.

Benefits of ISO 15378:2015

  • Decrease and control of risks
  • Proof of adherence to legal needs and contractual obligations
  • Saves time and costs
  • Creates competitive advantages
  • Clear statement of the organization’s competence
  • Get better quality capability